KITE – Kids Interacting with the Elderly

The KITE program is designed to “enhance the happiness, humanity and respect for the minds and hearts of young and old through an intergenerational partnership” (Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Submission).

The KITE program is where children visit the elderly in an aged care service and in turn the elderly visit the children’s centre.

Malangenna Children’s Centre offer this program in partnership with Baptcare Karingal Community situated on Lovett Street, and for the past 4 years have been visiting each week.

Children from Laughing Kookaburras visit weekly and walk to Karingal as a group. Children from Little Tassie Devils visit fortnightly and utilise the Malangenna bus which is fitted with approved car seats.

The types of experiences we may include while visiting our friends at Karingal will be bubble play, balloons, reading, singing, games, parachute play, music, picnics and craft.

Our aim is to connect children with their community while having fun and providing opportunity for relationships to develop with elderly residents.

**Please note our KITE Program is currently on hold due to Covid-19 safety restrictions**

Have any questions? Get in touch – 03 6424 6747